Cleaner ULTRASONIC WM 83-50

The washing cabin WM 83-50 is born to satisfy every need of degreasing and cleaning of mechanical parts.

It is suitable for inter-optional cleaning, and for finishing cleaning (preparatory to final assembling or packaging) thanks to its great versatility.

During the purchasing phase, it is possible to customize the machine with a wide number of suitable options.

In particular, the possibility of introducing a “softner”, and a “demineraliser”, matching with single and double stage filtration systems (with different types of filtration more or less strong) extends the operative life of the machine keeping the level of cleanliness, constant.


The washing cabin WM 83-50 can be loaded manually with the parts to be processed, thanks to a front vertical sliding and fold away doors. The washing can be realized in automatic mode or manually by the operator.

In automatic mode it is possible to do wash cycles characterized by the following phases:

  • Dipping in a detergent solution, hot condition with a hydrokinetic action pre and post US;
  • Dipping in a detergent solution, hot condition with ultrasound activation;
  • Rising water, hot condition (running water) and tilting ramp;
  • Blowing with high impact compressed air nozzles and tilting ramp;
  • Flushing (static and dynamic);

In addition to the automatic mode the operator can also:

  • Wash with spray gun;
  • Dry with blow gun;

An intuitive “operator panel” allows easy functionality checks and custom washing cycles, characterised by different time and sequences phases.

Dimensions (94.49x49.21x96.06)’’
Height of bathtub 37.40’’
Dimensions of basket (32.68x19.68)’’
Maximal length of part to wash 11.02’’
Maximum load of basket 400 N
Capacity of process bathtub 76.99 gal
Capacity of demineralised water tank 16.50 gal
Capacity of wastewater tank 7.26 gal
Power supply 400 V/50 Hz three phases + neutral + ground
Installed electrical power 28.0 KW
Maximal temperature of detergent solution 140°F
Maximal temperature of demineralised water 140°F
Pneumatic supply Compressed air at 7 bar, Ø ½’’
Water supply Mains water, 1 bar, Ø ½’’’
Supply connection of vapors extraction Ø 150 mm
Capacity of vapors extraction at closed doors 200 mc/h
Capacity of vapors extraction at opened doors 500 mc/h
Weight of washing machine (empty) 8000 N



Contacts between operator and moving parts of washing machine are not allowed by the presence of sensors.

Ease of use

The operator’s interface, characterised by a clear and intuitive diagram, makes the use of the machine, its functional testing and maintenance, very easy.


The size of machine is significantly low, this makes easy its installation in very tightened workplaces (excluding water treatment groups (optional)).


High standard quality, used during design and building phases, gives an elevate level of reliability.

Environmental protection

The adoption of a vapor extractor with a coalescent filter, a drop-block inferior and the great standard quality used to create the external panelling give a high level of safeguarding of the environment.


The height of bathtub, the presence of fold away door with a large glove box and the position of the commands near the operator’s area are designed to respect ergonomics of the machine during all operative phases.


The number of suitable options and the flexibility of washing cycles management software makes the cabin extremely versatile.


Diagnostic in the operator’s panel, high facility to manage “exits” and “enters” of plc, distance between machine’s components allow an extremely simplified maintenance activity.